Learn All About CSF Antibody

CSF stands for cerebrospinal fluid. It is an opaque, colorless fluid that is found within your spinal cord and brain. The spinal cord and brain are the central nerve system. The central nervous system regulates and coordinates your actions including muscle movements, organ function, even planning and thinking.

A high level of IgG could mean that you have an auto-immune disorder. A condition known as an autoimmune disorder can cause the body's immune body to fight healthy tissues, cells or organs in error. These diseases can lead to serious health problems. The CSF antibody index is used to detect disorders in the brain and central nervous systems. It is commonly utilized to diagnose MS. 

MS is an autoimmune disease that can affect your central nervous system. A lot of people suffering from MS suffer from debilitating symptoms such as intense weakness, fatigue, difficulties walking, and problems with vision. A majority of MS sufferers have higher than normal levels IgG. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) collection is a test that looks at the fluid surrounding the spinal cord and brain.

CSF serves as a cushion, securing the spine and brain from injuries. CSF is typically transparent. It is the same consistency like water. The test can also be utilized to gauge pressure in spinal fluid. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is transparent, colorless fluid that is found in the spinal cord and brain. The spinal cord and the brain constitute your central nervous system. 

Your central nervous system manages and coordinates your actions including the movement of your muscles, organ functions and even sophisticated decision-making and plan making. CSF assists in protecting the system by acting as a cushion to protect against sudden collisions or damage to the spinal cord or brain.