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Keys To Success For Buying Property In An Auction

The lack of point-by-point negotiations raises several issues:

1) You should always take the opportunity to physically visit the property, review the property and adjust your bid accordingly. In an auction, what you see is what you get, so it pays to look as much as possible.

2) The house has a value given according to factors like condition and location. You have to set your spending limit and do not get caught up in the bidding process. You can also know more about the property auctions via soldonline.

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3) Bidder does not have a financial possibility. In traditional real estate, sales are often a financial possibility. If the borrower is not able to get financing at the stated rate and terms, then the transaction cannot close and the buyer will not be penalized with a loss of deposit.

However, in auction, the bidder is only expected to have the ability to close the sale. Make sure you have enough cash or financing in hand when making the offer, including the buyer's premium and other costs.

Financing is usually available. However, you have to line up the loan well before the date of the auction to make sure you can close the deal.

We generally think of an auction as a momentary event and direct – sales are opened and closed in just a few minutes. It is possible with some properties to make a "pre-bid" auction and sold before the property is close to coming to market.

With a pre-auction bid if you make an offer and the seller finds it satisfying you have a deal. A pre-auction bid follows the usual rules of the auction process.