Is The Peloton Bike+ Plus Worth An Extra $600?

Are you thinking about getting the new Peloton Bike plus? This upgraded version of the most popular indoor cycling bike on the market was just released in early September and it's created quite a divide in the Peloton community. The new Peloton Bike+ Plus cost almost $2,500, which is easy to justify once you learn about all of the brand new features on the new bike. The thing that has people up in arms about it's the fact that the old bike's price was reduced by $350, which makes it $600 cheaper than the new Peloton Bike+ Plus model. This means if you just bought the old Peloton bike this summer it's basically become a antiquated piece of equipment within just a couple months and Peloton isn't doing anything to help those customers.

For people who do want to buy the new peloton plus bike, the additional cost will get you quite a few new features including a 24 inch rotating screen and the ability to use Auto Follow technology. On top of this your Apple watch will integrate with the new Apple GymKit feature in the Peloton Bike Plus. There isn't anything particularly wrong with the standard model of the Peloton bike, but the new Peloton Bike+ Plus is a definite upgrade over the previous model. You can learn a lot more about the new Peloton Bike+ Plus in the popular video published to TailHappyTV where Matt explains everything you'll find on the new bike and help you decide if it makes sense to buy or not.