Interesting Facts About Ghosts

According to many theories, a ghost is a spirit that cannot leave the ground and move on to the higher realms. Some of them are not even aware that they are dead.

People who believe in this concept also feel that ghosts haunt places where they met unexpected death or terrible tragedy. For more information about the true ghost stories, you can click here now.

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There are different varieties of ghosts. All ghosts are not alike, some of them are friendly, while some terrorize. Here are a few varieties of ghosts.

1. Poltergeist

Poltergeists have been known for their skills to shift objects and create noises simply to attract attention. Poltergeists are far from benevolent, many of them are believed to be evil spirits connected with demons.

Poltergeists attach themselves to one person in the household. In many cases, the person who attracts the poltergeist is an emotionally upset adolescent.

2. Demons

Although vampires are sometimes set in the class of spirits, many consider them to exist in a class of their own. A popular theory states that demons are fallen spirits or evil forces. Demons are not merely evil, but also capable of possessing the physical bodies of animals and human beings.

3. Apparitions

An apparition is the spirit or soul of a deceased person. It's a frequent variety of ghosts, which usually puts in a partial-bodied or a full-bodied look.

Usually,  it hunts places that used to live while they were living. Many people think that apparitions seem to protect people or warn them of impending danger.