Install a Skylight in Your Home in Australia

Skylights are a wonderful roofing design that lets in some of the sky and the beauty of the moon at night. While skylights can help reduce electricity bills and artificial lighting during the day, they can also cause problems if not properly ventilated.

It is crucial to ensure that adequate ventilation is available during installation. Modern skylights are now able to provide factory-integrated flashing and high-quality counter-flashing. These components can be sealed with a bituminous membrane to prevent water seepage. You can visit Keylite Skylights and get a skylight installed in your home in Australia.


There are new selective coatings that can reduce solar heat by almost fifty percent. This greatly reduces energy costs. It is crucial to decide how many skylights you need to achieve the desired level of natural lighting without compromising indoor comfort. This issue can be solved by adjusting the glass angle or providing adequate ventilation to reduce heat buildup.

Warm moist air is carried upwards by the wind, which can cause condensation problems and lead to leaks. Leakage could result in staining the woodwork and furnishings. A good way to prevent condensation is to use high R-value glazing with warm edges spacers. 

Insulation in the surrounding areas can help keep the surface warm and prevent moisture accumulation. Condensation gutters that have a skylight are offered by some manufacturers. These can be very useful in combating cold-climate problems.