Info on Organic Farming along with its Principles

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Farmers prefer organic farming for a few good reasons. Organic farming is a technique used for producing organic foods. The organic foods produced due to this farming technique is known to be packed with nutrients, antioxidants, micro and macro-nutrients and more. Moreover, organic farming’s popularity is also played by its own principles. Here are the most important principles of organic farming.

  1. Principle of Health – Principle of health is related to the condition of soil, humans, environment and plants. Organic farming relies heavily on the use of natural fertilizers like manure and compost instead of focusing more on chemicals. With the use of natural fertilizers, everyone and everything of the life cycle remains undisturbed.
  2. Principle of Care – The principle of care defines the condition of the environment to remain in the best condition while relying less on using chemicals. Moreover, this principle plays a huge role in helping the soil to maintain its fertility and remain in top condition to produce quality food.
  3. Principle of Fairness – Humans and other living species need to ensure the cycle between the 2 remains undisturbed. It remains undisturbed since organic farming depends on manure and compost as natural fertilizers. This is the meaning of principle of fairness. Moreover, this principle has also helped in improving our lifestyle ultimately improving the poverty condition as well.
  4. Principle of Ecological Balance – Organic farming technique ensures the ecological balance is maintained as a sign of the natural life cycle.

These are probably the most important principles of organic farming. Companies focusing on these principles are able to deliver organic produce in Brisbane and other Australian cities.