How to Receive Your Russia Visa?

If you want to apply for a Russian visa in the short term for purposes such as travel, student, transit, employment, then you should apply accordingly. Go to the visa counter at the airport, or anywhere else, or you can go to the online application process. Here are a few steps towards your visa:

After assembling all the necessary records, fill your visa application form. Keep in mind that this form can only be reached via the Internet; the handwritten frame is allowed. You no need to mention the purpose of the visit at the destination, suppose you are going to a meeting, then state your meeting date and end date of your meeting. You can get more information about a Russian visa through

When comes to concerns about your visits to countries in the last ten decades, you can inform only those countries that printed your ticket on arrival/departure. Also, you can discuss only your last trip to the nation where you often go several times.

The Complete Guide For Indian Citizens To Get Russian Tourist Visa

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No need to enter previous information about employment or education or enter an exact address as cities, towns, etc. If you do not remember the phone number of these organizations, you can put "00000000000".

If you are not a student or employee anywhere then you must offer an extra letter verifying that. Letter should be completed to European embassies and to be published in the free structure. After complete, the form, print it out and put a date and time in it.

You can usually use either in an individual, by publishing or through the organization, but if you are going to Russia to work, you must use the individual in Charge Center. When your application gets approved, you will be given a receipt which is required to provide, while you collect the ticket and visa.