How To Have A Safe Hike?

Hiking can be as extreme and exciting as you want. No matter where you walk, stay safe means being prepared for any type of emergency. Your life or the life of another hiker may depend upon it. You must carry the right hiking equipment with you including trekking poles. You can buy the best hiking poles for women online at

The hiking trips could last several days or extended into a multi-day backpacking trip. No matter how long or short stay in the backcountry, it is important to follow some common-sense advice to make your hike as safe as possible. Here are some general tips to consider:

Make your travel plans and leave it with someone back home. Include where you're hiking, what you bring in, and when you are expected back. Provide as much detail as necessary, as this may be the only link between you and the rescue in case of an accident on the way.

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Adapt to changing circumstances. Not everything goes to plan. River levels, weather, and even change a person's fitness level from time to time. If you are forced to deviate from the planned hiking, do so safely but try to keep as close as possible to map out a route and destination first.

Check the weather and prepare to stay warm. If the weather turns, having the right equipment and clothing will keep you warm and alive. In wet and windy conditions, hypothermia can quickly sneak up on someone and can kill within an hour. When hiking in the great outdoors, you are on your own, and using common sense can help you get back safe and alive.