How Aquarium Dosing Pumps Can Work Wonders for Your Tank

At first glance, it seems as though it'll be an easy task to maintain an aquarium full of fish.  Whenever there's an inordinate quantity of alkalinity out of the water, alongside the pH is extortionate, and additionally, the tank gets too cluttered, the fish will probably die.

Perhaps among the very frequent methods of addressing this challenge is using a dosing tank pump.  Such a device functions as a kind of a time-release mechanism for any chemicals that are crucial to holding the delicate life-sustaining balance all on your tank.  

It's possible to come across the top Kamoer dosing pump for your aquarium at Marine DepotListed below are two of the greatest dosing pumps from the market today. 

kamoer dosing pump

  • Bubble Magus pump: The Bubble Magus pump comprises three stations for dosing, but might be expanded to seven or even eleven stations using a dosing pump expansion (sold separately).  To avoid chemical hindrance from various fluids out of being inserted in an aquarium this Bubble Magus comprises automatic time-sharing between stations.

It's quite much like this Bubble Magus pump however, comprises greater programmable functions and far greater grade components.

  • Kamoer 4 Channel Vacuum: This really is indistinguishable inside working components as the Kamoer 3 Channel but having an additional channel allows someone to upgrade a 4th component such as Coral food or Trace Components. 

This lasting dosing pump is excellent for trace-element dosing to get aquaria (and also for reptile terraria). Overall we believe the dosing pump can also be very crucial if keeping a Reef Aquarium.