Greenhouse Automation For In-Door Farming

The global greenhouse horticulture market has grown exponentially due to population growth and increasing demand for food, which is expected to increase by 100 percent by 2025, mainly in Canada. In-door growth is one of the most practical and realistic applications in invested horticulture market, which is the answer to the request.

Many factors contribute to the success of agriculture in the door, several factors including the use of climate control systems and efficiency of water use, energy, broad crop protection, and improved emission reductions.

The increase in R&D in farm door so far has led to improvements in sensors, actuators, data acquisition module, and gateway technology, both in hardware and software; and by automating the process of data acquisition of the variables that regulate plant growth, at the farm can be done efficiently and with minimal human intervention.

Hardware tools are ideal to be used to ensure the automation optimum of every process in the door-farm, all the way from the cultivation of crop so that the crop can be maximized, human intervention/water use/waste of energy can be minimized and the data obtained can be introspective analysis.

Cloud management can also be activated by connecting various sensors and equipment greenhouse agriculture to collect a comprehensive set of data on air temperature, humidity, sunlight, pH value of the soil, irrigation, and nutrition, ensure optimal growing conditions.