Get Effortless Sound Experience With Animation Tech Support

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Many users think that voice problems are a minor problem that can be ignored, especially those who do not need a laptop sound. But, it should not be overlooked, as it will be an indication of a larger problem on your computer. There can be various reasons for your noise problem. It is necessary to examine each and every aspect of your Acer system to fix this problem.

Check Proper Sound Driver

There is no sound on your Acer laptop? Well, that can be caused by a driver problem. You previously installed sound driver may be outdated or damaged. You need to check them from the Device Manager. Open the Control Panel and open the Device Manager.

Sound Card Issues

If you do not have a 'video, sound,  or game controllers' in Device Manager, then it shows that the sound card is not installed properly in your system or has been damaged or disabled. Try this step to fix the problem. Check for updates for the sound drivers and install them.