Facts About ICC World Cup

The ICC World Cup, because it's beginning, was a far sought out event for a great many cricket enthusiasts worldwide. But, it truly is a lot more than simply another sports tournament.

From striking cricket recordings to unbelievable historical successes, the World Cup has provided us loads of reasons to celebrate. With the subsequent one on the horizon, then that this delight has just multiplied! Now you can keep yourself updated about women`s world cup fixtures and scores anywhere by checking online.

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The game was developed Throughout Saxon or Norman Days by children living in South England. The very first mention of championships as an adult sport premiered in 1611 in the same nation.

The very first foreign women's cricket has been played 1934 among England and Australia along with also the International ladies Cricket Council was set in 1958 (it had been united with ICC at 2005) to build up the women's match.

The Very First Men's Cricket World Cup was arranged in 1975 at England. Ever since that time it really is becoming held every 4 decades.

The very first time that the entire world cup has been stored out England was in 1987 collectively in India and Pakistan.

Australia won the world cup significantly more compared to other nations.

Below Are Some facts about That ODI championship That Each and Every cricket fan should know:

Chetan Sharma of all India could be your very first bowler to maintain a hat trick within a world-cup (1987).

Australia may be the sole team that includes won 4 world cups at that three world-cup wins arrived at arrow (1997, 2003 & 2007).