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Documents To Shred To Avoid Identity Theft

Below you will find our instructions on which documents you MUST destroy.

1. Notes contain financial information

This may be one of the most obvious, but be sure to consider all the information contained on bank statements, credit card accounts, or business card statements.

Of course, you need to keep these documents, but 3 years is more than enough. Anything older than 3 years must be broken.  You can also choose document shredding services at

Although checks are rarely used these days, all canceled or invalid checks must also be destroyed. All online orders containing financial data should also be destroyed in this way.

2. Anything that contains personal information

The information criminals really look for is your personal information. Once you have this information, you can do whatever you want with it.

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Of course, your full name and date of birth are key, but it also takes into account your social security number, mother's maiden name, and other frequently asked information.

Whatever is in your address – nearly every element in your email and phone number should be fragmented too.

3. Online account information

Everyone really should know that. Account numbers, usernames and passwords are important pieces of information that thieves want to access.

Never write down this information, and e-mails containing this information must be resolved immediately.

Obviously, email accounts are just as important as online banking and credit card information. You should also consider utility bills and cell phone statements.