Courier Software – Address Verification

The courier software program is very extensive. It covers so many elements of a company that it can seem overwhelming to see all the features that courier software offers. You should offer Address Verification to your customers if you're looking for new courier dispatch software.

It is worth looking for address verification in your courier software like This feature will make the client happy and save the courier company time and frustration. The courier software will run an address when someone requests a shipment online. 

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In most cases, a customer can place an order online. However, the address will still be entered by a dispatcher. This will ensure that all addresses that are being shipped to are subject to the address verification feature.

Once the address has been checked in the software you'll know if it is valid. There are many mistakes that can be made when entering an address on a shipping label. 

These mistakes can lead to a false address. However, in many cases, such a mistake can lead to an invalid address. This is usually due to a conflict between the street number or zip code. These errors can be detected by the software before a package is ever moved.

A courier driver may try to deliver a package to an address that isn't there if a package is sent with an incorrect address. This can lead to multiple problems. The courier company wastes time with a delivery that will never get completed.