Choosing Types of Powder Coating for any Industry

Powder coating is a surface finishing option that involves applying a relatively thin film to provide excellent protection against corrosion and chemical resistance in a very cosmetic way. Although components are often designed with a specific color, gloss color, and texture, this type of powder coating is often overlooked, but it remains an essential component of any powder coating job.

Powder coating is applied in various versions. Each resin system has specific attributes that can better meet specific environmental requirements. You can get powder coating for services for your wheels online via

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Some of the most popular types of powder coatings include: epoxy powder coatings; Polyester powder coating; Hybrid powder coating.

Epoxy powder coating

Epoxy powder coating was one of the first commercially available powder coating systems and is still very popular today in a variety of industries including the medical, oil and gas, automotive, and defense industries.

Polyester powder coating

The two most common types of powder coatings used are TGIC polyester and urethane polyester. Both types of powder coating offer excellent abrasion resistance and outdoor durability. The polyester-urethane powder system offers excellent chemical resistance. This powder coating system is common in the automotive, plumbing, and power transmission industries.

Epoxy-polyester hybrid powder coating

Hybrid powder coatings are very similar to epoxy powder coating systems in that both types provide good corrosion protection. The hybrid powder type is generally easier to apply due to its overly high properties, similar to TGIC polyester film.