Childrens Room Accessories Must-Haves

There are many fantastic children’s room accessories that will make your child's room more enjoyable and functional. From classic pieces like the Eames elephant to trendy, contemporary designs like Hippy Stars, there is something for everyone. Here are some must-haves for your child's room. A half-wardrobe, half-drawer option is a lifesaver for a compact bedroom. Another must-have is a canopy bed.

Ocean Shore and Hippy Stars are children's room accessories

Hippy Stars and Ocean Shore are two Spanish brands that offer a variety of accessories. Their collection includes Moroccan, Bereber, and The Sea, as well as baskets, rugs, and hanging decor. Whether you are planning to decorate your daughter's room in aqua or pink, Hippy Stars' accessories can be a great choice. You can purchase the rugs in different colors and match them to the rest of the decor in her room.

Eames elephant is a classic piece of furniture

Designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1945, the Eames Elephant is a classic piece of childrens room accessories. This beautiful piece is made of dyed through polypropylene, making it an extremely difficult to create, but highly functional piece of furniture. Its distinctive shape and Scandinavian-style design make it a beautiful and timeless choice for any child's room.

This iconic piece is not only a timeless addition to any child's bedroom, but it also doubles as a versatile piece of furniture for your child's playroom. Featuring over-sized ears, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor play. Its versatility means that your child will be able to use it both as a play item and as a decorative item.

Half-wardrobe, half-drawer option is a life saver in a small bedroom

A half-wardrobe, half-drawer option can be a life saver in a small room. It allows you to save floor space without sacrificing storage space. You can install one or two units and hang your clothes on them. The half-drawer option is great for hanging coats, as it eliminates the need for a separate accessory box.

A storage bed is a common hack for small bedrooms, as it has twice the storage space of a dresser. These units fit neatly into narrow corner spaces and provide effective organization for small bedrooms. Mirrored dresser doors bounce light around the room, making it appear larger than it actually is. So, there are many ways to make a small bedroom feel spacious.

Canopy canopy is a must-have

Canopy beds are an excellent addition to a child's room. These stylish beds aren't suspended from the ceiling but instead are hooked to the corners of a mattress via loop bands. The canopy can be opened from three sides. Children love to pretend they are princesses and sleep under it. They may even use it as a play corner. In any case, it is a must-have children's room accessory.

Canopies can be used in any atmosphere, from a cozy den area to a fairy-tale atmosphere. If you add lights to the canopy, the result is a magical and sophisticated atmosphere. A canopy can be crafted from lightweight mosquito net, which you can dye any color you like. The canopy can be tied differently to give it a different look, too. Canopy beds are also great for upcycling an old bed.


If you're shopping for accessories for a child's room, be sure to include storage for toys and other items. A wire basket with lid is a great choice for storing children's toys. They can hang it on a wall and remove it during play time. Wire baskets feature small covers on the bottom to help children sort their toys. Parents may want to limit the child's playtime to one basket at a time.

For a child's bedroom, consider purchasing a toy organizer. This is a great way to store away toys and costumes. You can also purchase a play table for art projects and display kid's artwork. Several other storage options are available to help you create the perfect room for your child. If you're unable to add shelving, consider investing in an all-in-one art supply station with built-in shelves.

Paint effects are a great way to add personality

Kids' rooms can benefit from paint effects on the walls. Using paint on panels and cornices can highlight the architectural value of the room. A child's room can also be a great place to use bold colour blocking. Cadmium red is an excellent choice for updating a vintage bunk bed. It contrasts with the room's white walls and bedding and is echoed in red striped accents.

To add personality to children's room accessories, try using bold and contrasting colors on walls. A fun feature wall can be created by painting a wall diagonally with bright colors. You can also use color blocking to separate different rooms and create designated play areas. This technique can also be used to create a sophisticated two-toned look. Choose a paint color that reflects your child's personality.