Childcare in Killara – What Are the Options for Working Parents

A lot of parents believe they can work from home and they don't need to worry about child care however, this isn't the case. If you're not able to work in the evenings when your kids are asleep (and regardless of whether you do then when are you likely to take a break for yourself? ) It is essential to find someone else to assist with the kids.

It is not possible to conduct phone calls, make reports, or manage clients when there's an infant pounding at the office door screaming 'Mummy! play! I'm telling you! If the toddler wants to lie on your lap. Then, remove the mouse away from your computer and throw the stapler around the space.

So, what do you have to choose between your options for childcare in Killara?

Friends and relatives

If you have relatives living within a reasonable distance, that are willing and able to take care of your children during your work, this could be a wonderful alternative. This won't cost anything and you'll be able to rest assured that your children are taken care of by family members who are concerned about their wellbeing. However, if you have differing ideas on what constitutes good childcare, then you could be heading for trouble.


Nurseries are a fantastic opportunity for your child to interact with other children and to participate in activities you may have difficulty doing from home (messy play, or visits to the petting zoo, for instance). Obviously, your child will not get a lot of one-to-one attention, and of course, nurseries can also be very expensive. They may also not be suitable for (and may not take) children under a certain age.


Childminders look after a small number of children in their own homes. It can be a lovely home-from-home experience for your child and not quite as noisy and intimidating as a whole nursery full of other children. Don't forget you'll need a backup option for when your childminder is ill or away on holiday.