Caring Your Tattoo With Petroleum Jelly

We've all heard rumors that oils are harmful to our skin. But is it true and why is it so important? While you can find oil in tattoos in many skincare products, it's not always listed as oil.

Ingredients such as mineral oil, paraffin oil, or petroleum jelly are petroleum. You can also check the best tattoo petroleum jelly online via

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This petroleum jelly is widely used in a variety of skincare products and tattoo care products because it often feels like a very effective moisturizer and creates a tight barrier on the skin that prevents water from entering. This old-school philosophy believes that petroleum products work best for healing new tattoos.

When you apply petroleum skincare products, it is absorbed into your skin. This means that many petroleum products go directly into your blood, are absorbed into your cells, and are stored in your fat layers.

In skincare products, the oil provides a dense texture and glides smoothly. Think of a product like after-inked petroleum jelly or Aquaphor, which are thick and stick well to your skin.

If you've just gotten into your skin repeatedly with tattoo needles, you want to calm all your exciting nerve endings! Then all your clothes will start to stick to your arms, legs, back, or anywhere else. Suddenly, moss, dust, and crumbs magically appear in your ointment. 

You miss that relief, so add another layer of thick petroleum solution to your new tattooed skin. This is how the addiction cycle begins with oil-filled skincare products.