Bento Boxes for Containing Your Meals

Packing lunch and eating on the go has never been easier, but thanks to Japanese-inspired bento take-out bags and food containers that support healthy eating. In Japanese, “bento” means useful or convenient, a perfect description for these portable little take-out boxes.

Designed to feed travelers and workers back in the 12th century, bento boxes have never gone out of style. Adaptable to any lifestyle, from schoolkids to road warriors, bento boxes have evolved to meet the 21st-century demand for fast, healthy, stress-free eating. You can check out a wide range of customized bento boxes on to fit your needs, including both plastic and paper food boxes

They consist of a single food container or several stackable containers, sealed with an airtight lid. The inner compartment is typically divided into two or more sections, allowing you to pack a full meal and even several snacks. Contemporary bento box designs use durable, reusable materials for balanced meals on the go.

Some models also include portable utensils, so you’re always prepared for a quick bite. With the large variety of bento-style lunch boxes on today’s market, some better than others, it’s important to choose wisely. The best bento box options meet the demands of daily life, thanks to high-quality materials, streamlined designs, and easy-to-clean compartments.