Benefits Interpreters Provide Besides Overcoming The Language Barrier

American sign language translators offer significant advantages in fulfilling their duties that go beyond overcoming communication barriers. For example, medical interpreters are often the only connection a patient has with the world in which he lives.

There are many elderly patients with limited English fluency who have little or no close family and friends with them. For these patients, the regional ASL interpreting service they receive during medical meetings gives them hope and lifts their spirits. 

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The emotional benefits of translating are most clearly seen in nursing home patients who are deaf or who have recently become immigrants who do not speak English well. These patients often have dementia or other mental illness and cannot communicate at all with their caregivers. Some deaf patients cannot even communicate through written notes.

For these patients, when an interpreter visits the medical staff and facilitates communication with them two or three times a week is invaluable in the service delivery process.

Patient reassurance is very important when translators serve in hospital emergency rooms. Across the country, emergency rooms have voice lines or they call translation agencies to dispatch interpreters as quickly as possible.

It is very helpful in relieving patients with communication skills disorders. In an emergency, sometimes just a few minutes can make a big difference for the patient.