Amazing Similarities In The Bible Timeline

The chronology of human development can be found in biblical quotations such as the Book of Genesis. The ribs represent genetic material and are the solution to the development of monkeys. There are many encounters when we analyze evolution versus creation and prove timelines or extraordinary biblical events. 

Also, scripture doesn't talk about chromosomes. His main concern is looking at the intersection points between evolution and creation as it relates to the emergence of man. There is an astonishing correspondence between the bible stats in the Book of Genesis about creationism and the information in science about the evolution of humans from apes. 

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The parallel begins with the quote that God removed one of Adam's ribs and made Eve a woman. God let Adam fall fast asleep, he fell asleep and took one of his ribs and closed the meat into position. Then the rib that the Lord took from the man was made into a woman and brought to the man.

The number of ribs, male there are 24, 12 on either side of the chest. The amount is the same for women. The book says that God cut a rib, not a pair of ribs. If he really sticks out his ribs, there will be different bone shapes in the two halves of his chest. Not only that, there will be uncertainty about the number of ribs in the woman.

These contradictions disappear when the book is viewed in terms of the information that Jesus passed on to his disciples. Now, look at it from a scientific point of view.