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All About Traffic Calming

Whether you work for a council or just manage the health and safety for a large company it's important to understand the various different traffic management options, what they achieve and whether they would be suitable to your needs.

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Gateway Treatment

Speed Humps – these small bumps in the road have proved one of the most successful tools to manage traffic. They are effective at slowing down the speed of drivers and can be produced to suit most needs. The simplest solution is to produce the speed hump as part of the road surface though often high impact plastic speed humps can have a similar effect.

Speed Cushions – designed with the same intention as speed humps the cushions offer greater flexibility. Their narrower shape allows wider wheelbase vehicles like fire engines and ambulances to be unaffected by their installation while still slowing down cars and other road users.

Chicanes – forcing drivers to alter their route, chicanes slow down drivers. They don't have the same negative connotations as speed humps and don't do the damage to a car that is often used as a criticism of speed humps. However, the labor and plan required by chicanes can often cost a lot more.

Width Restrictions – working in a similar way you chicanes width restrictions encourage drivers to slow down. The other additional benefit to width restrictions as they can often be used to make it easier for pedestrians to cross the road. A great positive outcome of the traffic calming measure.