Aerial Tramway In Palm Springs

Palm Springs which is located in the state of California in the country USA has several numbers of attractive places that keep the local and visited people too much full of activity. One of the most admired and well-liked place is Aerial Tramway of Palm Springs. The ride on Aerial Tramway is more than that as it proposes the other views of the nearby areas at the closing stages of a trip.

Aerial Tramway

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Tramway is one of the most famous activities that is performed by various tourists and they preferred TheSecret Tours for the entire journey at Palm Springs and enjoy this astonishing beauty of nature over there. There are several things that are accomplished at the time of the riding on the aerial tramway, have a look at them.

The Rides:

In Palm Springs the aerial tramway consists of a rotary tram so as to get the extravagant 360 ° view of the landscape. The time taken to complete this trip is only 10 minutes in total distance. There are many people who take this ride over again and again so as to perceive the beauty again. The total height that is covered through this is the 8516 feet of the Palm Springs.


It is obvious that the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is donating a compensation for those who seize this trip. At the top of the tram, there is Peaks Restaurant that put forward outstanding epicurean food along with the Pines Café that provides the best view of the nearby area.