Advantages Of VoIP PBX Telephone Systems in Sydney

VoIP PBX, also known as IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange), is a telephony system that makes use of IP data networks to facilitate telecommunication. The first advantage of VoIP PBX for enterprises is that they don't need to replace existing phones or numbers to use the VoIP facility. It works with existing communication infrastructures and is robust. 

What are the benefits of VoIP PBX over traditional PBX systems?

VoIP PBX phone service has the advantage of being much easier to set up and use than traditional telephone systems. Anyone familiar with networking and computer basics can install and maintain the IP PBX on a PC. It also has all software so there is no need to wire it.

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A hardware phone can be connected to an IPPBX system by plugging it directly into a standard network port. Softphones can also be installed directly onto a PC. In Sydney, it is important to remember that only a certified technician can install, configure, and maintain proprietary phones.

IP PBX's low operating costs are another advantage. Long-distance international calls can be made cheaper because the calls make use of IP networks. It is free to make a call between two phone systems linking branches of an enterprise. IP PBX uses an open SIP standard. Users can use any SIP-based software/hardware phone with any SIP-based PSTN Gateway or IP PBX, and any VoIP provider. In no case is there a vendor lock-in.

In Sydney, another advantage of IP PBX is its ability to handle additional phone connections and extensions with minimal disruption to the network's efficiency. This contrasts sharply with conventional phone systems that might need additional hardware modules to support newer connections or extensions.