A Guide To Steel Pallets Vs Wood Pallets

There are billions of pallets used globally for a variety of construction, storage, industrial and commercial uses. They are used in transportation to move materials and goods and are also used as storage facilities in warehouses and large commercial plants and premises.

Steel Custom Built Pallets is becoming more popular over wood pallets because of the many benefits associated with them as mentioned here.


Steel pallets are always sturdier than their wooden counterparts, and they weigh less than larger, heavier wooden pallets. A steel pallet can carry more weight during subsequent transportation and storage. Goods that are also being transported and stored are also exposed to less damage as they are more protected.

Less waste

When using wooden pallets that are not strong or durable in transit, the goods may become crushed, damaged, or dented. This is because wooden pallets are not stable and usually cause the load to shake or fall.

Steel pallets are stronger and provide better protection by holding loads more securely which minimizes transit damage to goods. This increased performance reduces waste in damaged goods and also reduces the overall cost in insurance claims and delays in goods due to damages.

Wood pallets are often considered expendable and are easily discarded, especially when they are easily and quickly damaged. This means that a large amount of waste is generated which is not eco-friendly. When wooden pallets are damaged and become unusable, it means more pallets need to be re-ordered and stocked.

Better design

Metal and steel pallets can be designed in many ways according to their use. A major advantage is the ability to be stacked to a maximum height which provides a space-saving storage facility in warehouses where space costs money.

Rather than being a wooden boarded pallet design, which has a limited design capability, steel pallets can be designed in a variety of styles. They can be designed to be raised off the ground with removable doors, detachable panels, and legs. A wide and diverse range of designs provides greater flexibility and is tailored to requirements.

Steel pallets can be hygienically cleaned and cleaned more effectively and germs, bacteria, and insect infestations can be negated.