A Guide To Solar Pool Covers

The importance of using a solar cover on your pool should not be overlooked. Whilst a pool can function satisfactorily without a pump or a filter, it is impossible to run your pool without a solar cover. However, the benefits of a cover far outweigh the cost of investing in one.

For pool managers, environmental considerations are becoming increasingly relevant. This is particularly true in areas such where the demand for water is beginning to outstrip the local supply. In these areas the ever increasing cost of domestic water will easily justify the purchase of pool covers & rollers.

The largest source of energy loss in a swimming pool is through the evaporation of water from the pool surface.

A solar cover acts as a barrier between the water and the surrounding air, virtually eliminating evaporation and also reducing chemical consumption by up to 60%, whilst increasing water temperature by up to 8oc, inhibiting algae growth and reducing debris contamination.

Solar covers are made from a heavy duty "bubble wrap" type of material. It differs from typical packaging bubble wrap because it is much thicker and contains chemical inhibitors to slow down degradation from Ultra Violet Light and Chlorine attack.

 An insulated layer is effectively created by the bubbles, which helps to prevent heat loss through evaporation, and the translucent nature of the fabric allows the suns rays to create a greenhouse effect, raising the water temperature.

To gain the maximum benefit from your bubble pool cover, it should be on the pool at all times other than when someone is swimming. It is dangerous to swim under the cover, it should always be removed when the pool is in use.

During the day the cover will help to raise water temperature, whilst at night it helps to minimize evaporation. Most evaporation occurs at night, when the difference between water and air temperature is at its greatest.