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A Better Way of Performance Reporting With Executive Dashboards

Producing performance reports can be a real headache. Every week or month of recurring tasks to pursue data sources begins. Then forwarded to someone else to input them. Then there is a reasonable process of data. However, there are far better ways to report performance. You can get the best Power automate templates to transform business data & make informed business decisions.

Excel performance dash is developed to provide a more graphical picture of the results and trends of the main performance of the organization. With some time and imagination, it is possible to create a page report in Excel which easily shows the main message about performance. This type of report should not require many studies and also must be followed up. 

This can be done with the use of visual warnings and a great dash design. Dashboards can also be further developed by adding interactivity such as the ability to browse further details if needed if the performance is below the acceptable level. This can be done using VBA. The traditional report layout makes it difficult for managers to quickly see how service and business performance. 

17 Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting Tools

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Report design remains complicated and difficult to update. Maybe there are also many formula errors as a result of the number of manual updates and tasks that need to be done every quarter. Data sources vary and need a lot of time and effort to format them to be included in the report. Each new Excel Dashboard project must have the following goals:

  • To show a balanced scorecard as a graph, show a quarter performance and trend in graphics format
  • To automate because many of the manual processes are needed in formatting the source file and a quarter report update
  • To provide a better management report in a consistent format
  • Develop a strategic and operational balanced scorecard based on the same design